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Welcome Fall

I have to say one of my favorite things about living in Indiana is seeing the seasons change.

Especially, during the fall. The brilliant colors which paint the landscape are magical. I tend to decorate with an eclectic flair but stay true to a rich color pallet. To me, finding what speaks to you is what decorating is all about. I know the white, gray and neutral hues are on trend, don't get me wrong I do think they are beautiful, but I find that I gravitate toward the rich, dark tones when I decorate. Again, it is what speaks to you. Find out what that is and try not to be afraid of it (movie quote: Never Been Kissed)

Which brings me to one of my favorite places in the house to entryway. It is that place where greetings and hugs are shared with family and friends OR where first impressions are made. As I mentioned above, with this design I have stayed true to the rich colors of fall. Dark, burnt orange and mustard yellow with a splash of classy black and gold.


Let the fun begin....start with a blank canvas...

Who says a wreath is only for your front door? I added a wreath to hang over the mirror. It brings a dramatic element to my design.